Whale Safari

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Humpback Mother & Calf  2007                                                                Brewster Sears  

5 days of paddling off the North Coast of Quebec. July, August, and early September only. This trip visits a very unique feeding ground in the St. Lawrence Gulf. These trips regularly encounter Beluga, Minke, Fin, and Great Blue Whales along with many species of seal and porpoise. Humpback and Sperm Whales have also been seen .  Space on these trips is extremely limited and we highly recommend making reservations in early spring.   NorthWind supplies all camping, cooking and kayaking equipment. Participants provide own food.  VHF 2-way weather radios and GPS receivers accompany all trips.  This voyage generally departs Syracuse on a Sunday and returns on a Saturday. Drive Time is approximately 10 hrs each way. Arrangements can be made to pick you up at Quebec City Airport.

  $1975 per person.  A 50% deposit is required to guarantee your dates with the remainder due14 days prior to departure.

All pictures are original and were taken by Brewster Sears and he reserves all rights to their use.


Beluga Whale ~ John Mitten 2002        

Great Blue Whale ~ VooDoo,  John Mitten,  Terry Summers 2002

The North Coast

The unique topography of this region is a result of four glacial stages over the last two million years. The granite shoreline plunges into the eastern end of the Laurentian Channel. This underwater canyon extends from shore east to the edge of the continental shelf between Nova Scotia and Newfoundland. In many places depths over 1000 can be found  immediately offshore. The extremely strong & cold vertical currents that emanate from these depths mix with the warmer fresh water of the fjord creating one of the richest krill aggregation sites in the North Atlantic. Vast quantities of krill are thereby concentrated at the surface all along this coastline. Numerous species of whale travel great distances to take advantage of this feeding ground during the summer. Many archeological sites on this coast have documented aboriginal peoples utilizing this rich ecosystem for more than 6000 years.

Kendrick Sears & Craig Byrum 2000

North Coast Quebec


 Minke Whale ~ Terry Summers  2006 

 Great Blue Whale ~ John Christy 2002

  Minke Whale ~ Colin Byrum 2000

Blue Whale Pectoral Fin 2006

Blue Whale Pectoral Fin~ Pierre Morrisseau 2007


Minke Whale ~ A. Schankel 2002           


Humpback & Calf ~Jon Vural  2006

Blue Whale ~ Hal Hill 2002