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NorthWind Custom Kayak- Brewster Sears

Our designs have been influenced a great deal by the Inuit and Aleut Eskimo Kayaks. This design has been proving its seaworthiness for centuries under some of the harshest conditions on earth.

NorthWind Kayaks carry a great deal of their volume out towards the bow and stern. This volume configuration works with the waterline flare to prevent the bow from plunging beneath the surface in large waves. These boats are sculpted from Western Red Cedar, Sitka Spruce, Redwood and/or White Cedar planks encased in fiberglass cloth and resin. Each boat is built according to your physical characteristics.  Carbon Fiber and kevlar are utilized for strength in the hull and cockpit areas. This construction method enables us to build kayaks that are extremely strong, lightweight, and rigid. Rigidity is a crucial element in a kayak hull.

If a hull "oil cans" or flexes under the stresses of rough water it becomes extremely inefficient at moving through the water. At NorthWind we strive to design high-performance kayaks that are as attractive as they are rugged. We appreciate you giving our boats your consideration.

Falcon Carbon/Kevlar  ~ We believe Tom Derrer's Falcon to be the single best kayak design in existence.  It is comfortable and efficient on flat water and continues to excel when your faced with 10-15' swells.  Our Falcon C/K represents a marriage of the legendary Falcon design with our  wood plank construction.  Each kayak is custom built to your measurements with flush hatches, bulkheads, recessed deck fittings and a Carbon Fiber/ Kevlar Composite hull. These boats weigh between 38 and 40 lbs.  Because of the customized nature of this boat we require a 50% deposit when your order is placed and 60 days for delivery.  We recommend ordering in the winter for delivery in the spring.

Our custom kayaks are priced on an individual basis and range in price from $3500-$5000.

The largest creature ever to grace the planet earth........ and a Great Blue Whale.  ( VooDoo Vural August 2002)  

The VooDoo Edge  The concept for the Falcon CK was spawned while kayaking with Voo Doo in the North Atlantic.  As the reigning King of the Bonobo Kayak Tribe his massiveness is employed routinely in our effort to stress equipment beyond the reach of normal sized humans.  Critical data mined from our symbiotic relationship with Voodoo has enabled us to develop and test gear for other individuals blessed with orangutanish wingspans and generally massive proportions.

Eddyline Kayaks

At NorthWind we spent a great deal of time researching kayak companies in an effort to find a line of boats that would compliment our custom built kayaks. We chose Eddyline. They are based in the Pacific Northwest and their research department is responsible for many of the design and material innovations that have become standard in the industry. We believe Eddyline manufactures some of the finest boats available and we are proud to offer their full line of kayaks, Swift graphite paddles, and related accessories.  We also service and repair all Eddyline kayaks.

Eddyline Kayaks